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So - you've heard my demos, you dig my voice and you think I'm the man for the job - hurrah! But what do you actually get from me?

I think of myself first and foremost as a voice actor, as opposed to a sound engineer - those folks can do stuff that makes Gandalf look like an amateur... My main job is to VOCALLY bring your script to life in a way that makes you happy. To nail the style, delivery and impact of the words so that it's exactly what you need and how you hoped it would sound - if not better!

First off, I need to know all about the job/project - not only what it is and how many scripts are involved but - crucially - WHERE and HOW it will be used and for HOW LONG? It will also help if I know what sort of budget you're working with. This will all help me to quote a price for the work and for us to agree on that price. The more info you can give me, the better...

Once the go-ahead is given, I will record the audio and get it back to you asap (usually 24 hrs or less), having edited it for anything that doesn't need to be there. Generally, I will supply  WAV or MP3 files (both, if you like) or something different if you need it.

If I'm self-recording (i.e. without any outside direction) and depending on the length of the script and type of job, I will supply several takes for you to choose from. If you decide to direct me via Zoom or Skype, I would normally ask that you make a note of the takes you like as we go along. I'll verbally name/number each take beforehand and send you all the takes we did at the end of the session. This way, you can listen back and easily identify your favourite(s). If you're adamant that one particular take is the one you want, I can send just that. But it's always good to have options...

Alternatively, you can use a patch to link up with me, such as Source Connect or Cleanfeed, which will allow you (or the studio you're in) to record and manipulate the audio at your end (although I'll usually record a backup, just in case).

Finally, I can always work with you in a studio of your choosing - just contact me to arrange.

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